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Meadowsend provides the full-spectrum of forestland planning and management services.

Meadowsend foresters bring technical expertise, years of experience practicing the art and science of forestry, and a thoughtful approach to helping you make the right stewardship decisions for your land. We work as trusted forestry consultants for forestland owners, municipalities, non-profits, and conservation organizations across Vermont and New Hampshire.

Forest Management Planning

Responsible stewardship begins with thoughtful planning. At Meadowsend, we work with forestland owners to develop adaptive and action-oriented forest management plans.

A forest management plan is one of the most important tools for engaging with your land. Meadowsend foresters prepare tailored forest management plans aimed to capture your goals and objectives with detailed analysis of the natural resources on your property. Our plans provide a step-by-step guide for using active stewardship practices to help you achieve multiple objectives. We prepare plans which meet and exceed the standards for Current Use, NRCS cost share funding, American Tree Farm certification, and conservation easement requirements.

In addition to forest management planning services, Meadowsend Foresters specialize in the following services:

Current Use Land Tax Program VT & NH

Meadowsend provides guidance on all things current use – Enrollment and withdrawal, transfer of ownership, management plan preparation and updates, mapping, and forestry operations.

Cost Share & Financial Assistance

  • The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides financial assistance through voluntary cost share programs to help plan for and carry out conservation practices on your land. Meadowsend foresters are certified Technical Service Providers (TSPs) and can help you navigate these programs.

Tree Farm Certification

Tree Farm, a program sponsored by the American Forest Foundation (AFF), started in 1941 and has become the nation’s oldest certifier of privately owned forestland. The goal of the Tree Farm program is to recognize landowners who practice sustainable forest management, provide connection to a network of other Tree Farms, and to demonstrate the multiple benefits working forests can provide to society and nature. Each state has its own chapter that works from the same standards set by AFF. Meadowsend foresters are certified Tree Farm inspectors and can help enroll your land into the Tree Farm program. Tree Farm members share a unique commitment to protecting forest ecosystems while at the same time producing wood products on a sustainable basis. 

Become a certified tree farm through the American Forest Foundation’s Tree Farm Program.


Detailed and personalized maps of your property and natural resources. Large format paper maps and interactive digital maps which can be used on your phone while in the woods.

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Forest Inventory & Timber Appraisals

Comprehensive assessments of the forest conditions on your land using detailed forest inventory and analysis. Get an in-depth understanding of species composition and structure, carbon storage, and/or the market value and economic potential of timber products on your land.

Wildlife Habitat Management

Protect, enchance & establish habitat for wildlife on your land. 

Recreation Planning & Development

Plan & develop recreation trails & infrastructure on your property. 

Timber Sales & Active Forest Stewardship

Planning is only the beginning of the stewardship journey on your land. Let’s work together to make a lasting positive impact and move towards active forest stewardship. We know your goals, we understand your land, we have a plan, now it is time to take action. 

The decision to harvest timber on your land is an important one and may only come once or twice during your ownership. Working with a professional forester can help turn a potentially overwhelming decision into a positive experience for you, your family and your woodlot. Meadowsend foresters specialize in timber sale administration including; timber marking, trail layout, resource protection, state and local law compliance, and preparation of contracts. Most importantly, we only work with highly qualified contractors who share our ethics and dedication to land stewardship. Our professional relationships with local mills and log yards throughout New England help to ensure your financial interests are being met. We also provide timely, accurate and efficient accounting services.

Our professional relationships with local mills and log yards throughout New England help to ensure your financial interests are being met. We also provide timely, accurate and efficient accounting services. While selling locally grown and sustainably harvested timber can be financial beneficial to the landowner and the local economy, harvesting timber is not only about economics.  Active forest management is a powerful tool to help achieve many goals and objectives on your land. Meadowsend foresters are focused on achieving multiple objectives through forest management including improving forest health and resiliency, enhancing wildlife habitat and creating new recreational opportunities.